*1.5jz Build Episode 1

https://youtu.be/xw_R_xAumG8 Carrying on with the vlog theme of my 1.5j build (well Forrest Speedshop's building the long block but yeh) The 2j block has arrived from Garage D in London after the first 2j block was measured up it was not good enough. Fingers crossed for block number two! So the car is coming back …

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PD20 – SOARER Badges CAD files – DOWNLOAD

DOWNLOAD HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hgvottib4by4tgq/TOYOTA%20SOARER%20badges%20sized.zip?dl=0 So I had a project for a friend and I thought I'd release the files here for people to use for vinyl cut versions of the badges. These are sized correctly on the file and should load right. If not for reference if you size the Toyota emblem to be 73mm high …

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PD17 – Brake Caliper Spacer – ISFdisc/LS400calliper – DOWNLOAD

So I've spent a long time considering what to do with this design which I created.  If you follow the blog and follow my youtube you've already seen by now the Caliper spacers I had made up to my design by an engineering firm.  Plenty of people have asked for me to supply these BUT …

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