*1jz Water Pump and Cam Belt replacement…

Cam Belt replacement, a nightmare for some. Well it wasn’t far off for me. I hadn’t realised how long this took until I was editing the footage! OMG.

Well you can now watch three in my series of Soarer Updates – 1 was stripping the engine down. 2 was replacing the stem seals. 3 – this video – is all about how you change a cam belt and water pump. All parts I used were Toyota, it’s pricey but sadly a necessary evil in some cases and I wanted longevity of the engine looking after and reliability. I also bought all of my service parts from Toyota but through Black Wing Garage as Wolfie enabled me to get a little discount. Win.

Parts you will need are:

Water Pump (twin turbo and vvti are different pumps!)


Cam belt

Idler (why not)

Tensioner Gaskets for water pump (usually supplied with pump)

I’ve read many guides, checked out JZ Mafia for support, used Toyota Soarer Group on facebook, and Driftworks too. I hope you can follow this as I took such a long time doing it I missed out talking in some sections. Watch it, use it, but check other sources too. As always I hope you like the video – PKD.


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