PKD v8 Soarer

Now gone, but here’s what I thought of my v8…

So in comparison to my 1jz this is a very different kettle of fish.  I bought the v8 primarily as a commuter (low Mpg I know!). But then as always couldn’t leave it alone and began tidying it up!  It’s had a few guises and sadly the paint has taken the brunt of the fun.  White wrap wasn’t good for lacquer once we removed it! But here it is.  I use this to mock up any v8 products and it might become a bit of a NOS drag car for fun!

Spec before sold:

v8 GT Limited

Factory air sus, auto headlights, EMV, memory leather seats.

19″ Ultralight alloys  8.5″ fronts, 10″ rears.

Full white homebrew wrap – removed to go back to FSG before sale.

Decats. Full SS system – I cut out the rear boxes and left just centre one in. AMAZING NOISE

And…. that’s it! I spent a LOT of money on this car servicing it.  It drove great after 2 box flushes, new oil/filter, caps, rotors, leads, crank sensor, cam belt, water pump, aux belt.  The car ran like a dream and was quoted by a known Soarer dealer as “one of the fastest factory v8’s he’d driven.  The best bit about the car was learning so much about the 1uz in such a short space of time.