PD17 – Brake Caliper Spacer – ISFdisc/LS400calliper – DOWNLOAD

So I’ve spent a long time considering what to do with this design which I created.  If you follow the blog and follow my youtube you’ve already seen by now the Caliper spacers I had made up to my design by an engineering firm.  Plenty of people have asked for me to supply these BUT as a small company working as a sole trader the risks of issues are too high.  Someone’s caliper spacer failing and them having an accident would not only destroy this project but also have an impact financially and mentally on me – which i cannot and will not do.  All of my products so far do not directly impact safety of a vehicle and therefore I feel confident in creating and selling them.

To that end what I have decided to do is to allow people access to download this design.  But here is my disclaimer – you may download this design.  You may choose the material you wish to make it from. You may choose who you trust to machine it.  The design may not be perfect and you or the company may wish to edit it, change the thickness, change the overall shape etc…. this is all down to you – I’m merely supplying a starting point which as it stands fits and holds a calliper in the position you need it to.  I take no responsibility for it’s use or manufacture.

For info: I used aluminium.  Look at bigger companies such as PMC Motorsport and all of their calliper spacers are aluminium.  I also used bolts on the spacer long enough to put nuts on the far side, even though the plate was threaded in mine – to ensure if the ally thread failed the bolt wouldn’t.  I also had to grind back a tiny bit of the moulding on the passenger side bolting point as the moulding from factory had a lump on it compared to the drivers side which hit the spacer. 2mm max.  All of this however is just what I did – follow your path – make your choices.

I hope I’ve helped others by doing this! 🙂



CALIPER SPACER DOWNLOAD ZIP – DOWNLOAD HERE – email phil@provokedesigns.co.uk if you need a different file type or preferably message me on Instagram :

YouTube video of fitting them:


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