*New skills? a TIG investment that’s for sure…

So time for a blog update methinks… This has been a great month for me and Provoke Designs.  Firstly and most importantly I’ve got the car all back together, interior in, boot finished, stickers on, and it’s ready for a season of driving hard and car shows. Win.  First night out took some snaps at night, not the best at it but really enjoyed trying, this was my best pic of the night:

Following this if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen my investment in a TIG welding setup – so far I’ve got all I need but the gas which arrives tomorrow.  Mega excited to get my little setup going and perfect my skills. I’ve been working with varying forms of welding now for about 10 years but never had the opportunity (funds) to give TIG a go.  Today I nipped to a friend’s house who is making a sweet race car (check out @jpracing on Instagram) – he’s currently setup for TIG welding steel and let me have a go on his SIP setup.  Very impressed with it all and really loved the relaxing nature of TIG welding and how you control the weld pool. Mega. He took a few snaps of me having a go:

After an hour of messing about I was really pleased with how I took to the process.  So… why is this good for Provoke Designs? Well I’m hoping to move into more one off fabrication and exhaust manufacture and so the main materials I’ll be practicing on will be 2.5″ 1.5mm tubing until I’m happy with my skills.  Then the Soarer needs a new pair of tail pipes to match and come out a bit further as the new lower kit will need it.

Here are the new tips, and also a pic of my new stickers cut in matching red on my rear screen.

So that’s about it for an update… another YouTube video coming soon – 100 subs is my next milestone with that and I’ll be releasing a full walk around and car video once done.  I just need my rear valance! Grrrrrr.

Thanks for reading/support of the blog.



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