PKD RC Drift

So this page is to be all about my venture into RC Drifting! Why? Because my Soarer is just to nice for my lack of driving skill to destroy! So bring on the geek models!

I’m going to YouTube loads of bits, I’ll keep adding to the page as I do. If there are details YouTube misses, like downloads of CAD files to upgrade cars for free etc… they will all go here for reference.



So it all started with a totally messed up, home made chassis, laser cut, all used parts. Just to dip my toe and see if I enjoyed it. I did… so we continue!

Next up I had to choose between an FTX Banzai and a Maverick Strada, so between a friend and I, we bought both!

A new Shell for this car to smash up was a must, so for just £13 I bagged a cheap car park shell from ebay… well it had to stay Soarer/SC didn’t it?

The shell had a natural cut away, so it needed a rear drift bar setup… free download links coming HERE: If you own an FTX and want a bash bar, there are two in that download for you to print for free. 🙂

In the RC Scene it’s common to use plastic drinking straws to make roll cages, so I gave that a go!

Next up it was time to get a montage together of all of our skid sessions to date at various spots. Does concrete differ? Sure does:

So how did we make the FTX handle better in 4WD? Like this:

1. Strip.front camber arms. Sand down the metal bars 2mm per side. Sand down the black plastic 1.5mm per side. Reassemble and set to 8mm camber at the top compared to the bottom. This locks up square.

2. Move the outer tie bars to the inner bolts.

3. File down the ball joint on the servo and replace the bolt so it can go past hitting the servo.

4. Set the tie rods to give you a little toe out.

5. Set rear camber to zero

6. If you want spend £16 on a sky rc gyro which gives you a better drift hold..I have mine set to 70% on 4wd.

Little to no cost and we made them really controllable and managed to twin a bit as total noobies.

2WD Frift plans are afoot, here are my plans to make the FTX drive well as a 2d Chassis:

1. Fit sky RC gyro £16

2. Removed centre prop. Less weight to spin up.

3. Tightened up the clutch spring to give more response in 2wd

4. I’m trying a longer gear set available on wheelspin models for £8ish

5. Drilled the chassis to move steering arm pivots forward 13mm

6. Remove front diff. Grind/cut away front diff to allow steering arms to travel under it. I’m actually 3d printing a replacement with no diff & cut away

7. 3d printed knuckle parts that hold the hubs. No hole for front shafts to allow more lock

8. Of course strip and remove front shafts. You do this by carefully removing the spring and pushing out the retaining pin.

9. Make up a new centre support to support the move of the steering arms forward

10. Drill new holes and move servo forward

3D Print download of the front Knuckles which removes the hole for 4wd… HERE The diff shown in the image below is HERE Image of the lock achieved with them on with the other mods described above:

Drift Garage Build… so to make my garage a 2wd safe zone and to get us through the crappy UK winters… let’s make my garage an RC drift space! Poor Soarer gets booted out into the rain when we use it, that’s the only down side! 😦

The final update of the FTX and how far I got into RWD mode…

Building my Sakura D4 in Time Lapse:

And the latest update, we found a drift spot! Very pleased to say it went really well and we will be running it 3 times a month. If you are local to Lincoln and want to join us, drop me an email or message on instagram @provokedesigns to get in touch. Here’s an update on the D4 and the Drift Spot Lincoln: