*AC delete planning…

Morning! While fitting my Mishimoto rad I got a bit annoyed that I’d spent so much on a nice rad for it only to have all of it’s flow interrupted by a HUGE AC rad.  So it went in the skip.  Now for those of you who are weight watchers so far including loosing the crappy fan which had failed, the front fan which had also failed, pipes, bits from the wing and the rad.  This all amounted to a 12kg saving.

Following this on speaking to my Soarer guru friend Craig we discussed gutting the AC compressor so it is just a spindle and therefore reducing losses associated with spinning something unnecessary. I’ve decided to attempt one step further and bin the AC compressor all together.  This meaning I need a shorter belt.  A quick google took me to driftworks forum and a couple of others seem to use this belt: (6pk1885).


Next for the plans to remove the AC compressor.  The issue most have discussed is that it works as a support for the Power Steering Pump so I need to fabricate a bracket to replace the compressor.  As I want to save weight I’ll probably go for 6mm Ally.

Pic from driftworks (credit to member 1jz&2jz for image) of a bracket:

A first mock up of how I think my bracket might look:

As always I’ll have a bunch laser cut to test them, then the designs will be available for download! Watch this space…

Happy weight saving folks! 🙂


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