*Excited….much? Yup.

Just another blog update… because I’m excited!

I managed a few weeks ago to get onto a group buy for the last production run of the Popformance LXCC – LINK – it’s an AC controller which is not only touch screen but can also take inputs from gauges.  With my interior being as smooth as possible I didn’t want huge gauges everywhere.  I’ve already got an AFR hiding in the glove box, and considered adding more to that install – but you can’t see it unless you drive about with it open.  It’s great for checking boost setups when you want to adjust it, but doesn’t work as a daily warning to things if anything were to go amiss.

So with that in mind I bought it, here’s a few snaps of one installed:

Then looking at my dash with the Pioneer double din covered in buttons I wanted to smooth that off too, see what I mean?:

So I’ve just also ordered a Pioneer touch screen double din stereo to match it all – I wanted it all plain black no chrome so I went for this:

Pretty pleased to say the least! Can’t wait! I’ll update with a blog post when it all goes in.  I’ll explain how to do it all when I do in case some of you reading this have no idea how the dash comes apart!

Thanks for reading



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