*Finishing the dash install…

As you’ve probably seen on the Instagram (if you follow – hint) I’ve been finishing off my dash install.  It’s far from done, so many wires and details to tinker with.  That said it’s all together and the majority is on!

The plan? Less is more.  Removing my double din and replacing it with a touch screen Pioneer unit and then replacing my AC controller with a custom model from Canada mentioned in my last blog post.

I’m not sure about you, but I really find buying stuff for cars such a buzz and get so excited; but then once it arrives there is a nervousness to fitting it and taking stuff apart.  This time was no different and the bits must have sat about for at least a fortnight before I got to it.  For all my dash gauges and parts I decided not to use the loom around the stereo for two reasons.  1. Some gauges if wired to your positive on the stereo will give a feedback buzz to the amp 😦  2. I didn’t want to butcher any more wiring as my car’s seen a good few mods now so I’d hate to build in unreliability.

So I used a fuse piggyback – you remove a fuse of a circuit from the fusebox in the footwell, pop it in, and then pop the fuse into the piggyback.  This then gives you a neat and fused live feed, right from the source.  I used my cig lighter socket, as I rarely use this and if it fails when driving it’s not a great loss.

I needed a live for three things, the ac controller, my afr gauge which I was moving and the same for my boost controller.  Easily done when you’re not messing with factory stuff.  Then I simply put a ring connector onto the earths and connected these to body or the stereo cage near where the items would stay.

The results? I’m over the moon.

I’ll be doing a follow up blog post on how you setup the LXCC AC controller for displaying gauges – I hope to set mine up for a dual round gauge display – boost and AFR. 🙂


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