*New – Blog posts…

So, I’ve decided I’m going to run a Provoke Designs (PKD for short) blog… here I’m going to upload videos of my own car, how to’s I create for jobs that I do to the Soarer and general blogging I feel relevant to Soarers/the car scene.

So this is blog post 1… what have I been up to?  Well as you’ll see from the current Instagram I’ve been working on clear side repeaters for my Soarer.  Sure, you can modify GS300 clear markers to fit, but this requires trimming the bumpers or the lamps and I’m also not keen on the ‘crystal clear’ styling of the GS300 ones available.  I also tried sticking the indicators into the oven to break them to add a clear lense.  Sadly this failed and at a mere 120 degrees for a very short time the indicator began to melt!

So I cracked on with Solidworks and made myself a 3D model of the backing plates:

Which I then 3D printed and added the standard studs from the backing plate of the stock indicators.

Then I laser cut some lenses which are perfect copies of the Toyota original lenses stlye:

Offered them up, then painted the inside of the 3D print silver:

Once all that was done, a bit of filing and using an old soldering iron to adjust the tabs a touch so it all goes through perfect and hey presto:

So the good news? I’m almost done, just amber blubs to smash in and they’re done.  The bad news? They are one offs and won’t be for sale. But hey, my car looks better…. 🙂


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