*A change of FOCUS…

So what’s new? Well I didn’t plan all of this for fun, I planned it to begin my own company and make parts selling them to enthusiasts. However things move pretty fast, if you don’t take a look around once in a while…. 🙂  SO to get it all started I booked into a business course to get all the company side official and setup. This is where the story is going to end on that side of things for me, as I have a proper career and this is my side line the sheer amount of tax and setup makes the idea null and void.  Or does it? It made me think about why I want to do it really? For me, it’s all about making things that don’t exist and aren’t available for my car, making it special and enjoying the process.  I know others who feel the same frustration and would like these products, but it’s just not me all the admin and madness: I get enough of that at work!

So the focus of my site, page, and Instagram will be thus… continuing to design and manufacture items for Soarer’s, my passion for the car will just never go as mine is my ‘Gran Turino’ and a forever car.  I’ll be providing all of the CAD files for others to download on each of the product ideas.  I’ll be providing ‘how-to’ blogs and other Soarer media to watch and get involved with.

Coming next will be an email subscription to keep up to date with my blog and car designs, but for now, follow me on Instagram and facebook to keep up to date with the site.

Here’s a couple of snippet images of a video which is shortly to be released on ‘SJB Garage’ – a youtube channel, it’s a little vid of my car and I’ll pop it into a blog post when it’s up!




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