3D Printed Exhaust Bungs DOWNLOAD

So as I’ve gone single exit exhaust I wanted to make up an exhaust bung to fill one side in a factory looking way. First I tried it with MDF which I planned to vacuum form, but it didn’t work out. So I used the mould I’d made to measure up and make a 3d model of the part.

Please note, I made the left side, so the right model is a mirror image which I can’t test as my exhaust is in the way! So you might need to edit the print more.

The 3d model for printing is available here, mine took 6hr to print because I wrongly printed it so the hollow side was down, it is probably worth printing it so the hollow is facing up. This will save you plastic too with the supports.


I do hope people give this a go and find my model helpful! A film of me filling and painting mine and fitting it is coming soon. It’s currently hardening and will be fitted tomorrow. I’m planning on drilling a pair of holes, one in each side where it sits against the lip of the exhaust cutout and bolting through to hold it tight.

Video of my progress and installing it:




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