*Wiring my LINK ecu

A quick video just to explain in my 1.5j build what I’m doing to make up a loom, follow my progress on the channel to see how it goes and whether my method has any issues in the future!

Hopefully not! But as I’m taking time over each bit I kinda feel that I forget what I’ve done over time! Here’s hoping I got it right first time rather than having to fault find later on!

I’m fitting a Link G4 Ecu and this is how I’ve decided to wire it in. I’m using the wilbo guide to work out the ECU pinout, that’s here: http://wilbo666.pbworks.com/w/page/47216384/1JZ-GTE%20JZZ30%20Soarer%20Engine%20Wiring?fbclid=IwAR3TEABvQ5V2wkVZlRl2RdJMi7TABRuk6VO-Fu-aDcfNycnaIWNnXYp1vuI

1.5j build is still coming, delayed until end of January, so stay tuned!

As always thanks so much for watching – give me a like and a share!

Thanks PKD.

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