*Fixed my Aux Belt Tensioner… did a how to…

While stripping my engine I discovered the Auxilliary belt tensioner pulley on my 1jz was on the way out, the bearing was totally gritting and noisy. So here’s a quick how to change the bearing if yours is doing the same.

NOTE: Use a bigger socket as you can see in the video for refitting, it needs to press on the metal of the bearing not the soft bearing cover.

I got my bearing from ebay at a whopping £3.60 to sort the job and save me a mass of cash at Toyota. Winning. Fix your Toyota Soarer tensioner in the same way, probably the same for many other engines too with similar Toyota tensioners. 😊

As always I hope you like the video – I do this for fun and don’t add adverts – so click sub and like! Add me on insta, add the website subscriptions for product updates too.

Thanks. PKD.


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