*Soarer UPDATE 3 – Engine strip down

Here is the first of three engine based videos – this one we strip down the engine ready to do more work – stem seals replacement and cam belt and water pump.  So if you are nervous about doing the work on your 1jz Toyota Soarer then take a watch.

It’s worth noting that you will need two specialist tools to get this far.  1. A crank puller, mine is just a laser one which worked fine.  2. You need a way of holding the crank still while you undo it. I used a Toyota crank pulley device, or you could make one up, or you could use a rattle gun.

I hope this helps anyone stuck on prepping their car for the next set of jobs.  Stay tuned for a couple more videos to finish the mini series.  Then it’s BMW gearbox time! 🙂

As always I hope you like the video – I do this for fun and don’t add adverts – so click sub and like! Add me on insta, add the website subscriptions for product updates too.
Thanks. PKD.


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