*Soarer Update 2 – ISF discs fitted to ls400 callipers – DOWNLOAD

ISF Disc spacer plans DOWNLOAD HERE:


Next up in the Soarer updates – BIG BRAKES! So if you didn’t see the previous videos this is me fitting Lexus ISF discs to my LS400 calliper setup! Why? Because ISF discs are a massive 360mm in diameter, but also a 60mm deck height disc over the 50mm LS400 disc, which gives you a further 10mm offset to give you more room for the callipers which are pretty big with 4 pots.

This requires a custom calliper spacer which I’ve designed and had made up.  It utilises the stock bolt locations and will move the calliper out to fit perfectly.  Once on the brakes function as they used to but with two added elements – 1. More leverage for braking power. 2. More cooling because of the disc size it should draw in more cool air to prevent fade. 

Keep watching to the end for a test run of the wheels and brakes.  I’ve not driven the car yet since fitting the wheels, and for those who follow my Instagram you’ll have seen the rears and how close they look to my already rolled arches! Brave time.

As always I hope you like the video – I do this for fun and don’t add adverts – so click sub and like! Add me on insta, add the website subscriptions for product updates too. 

Thanks. PKD.

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