* New vlog – Fitting Soarer Sideskirts

So I finally got around to fitting my other skirt! The video below is how you do it.

Toyota Soarers had a factory option of sideskirts I believe, 97 onwards all cars came with them – but this makes them now rare and hard to get hold of! Firefly Speedshop in Wigan have decided to begin making GFRP copies of the original skirts and I happened to get the first ones from the mould!
Fitting them isn’t as easy as fitting an OEM setup for sure – but here is how you do it! Take a look and if you like them get in touch with the company. They are also making a rear lower valance to match it – which I’ve also bought and I’m waiting for it! Sub for later videos to see how it looks! Finally someone in the UK making good parts available for Soarers. Win.


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