*I’ve been a busy man recently…

So it seems like it’s been a while since I’ve popped a blog post up so here goes.  I’ve been very busy with the blog/vlog in the last two months and the result is my car is going from strength to strength.  If you’re a car enthusiast and you have a build on a group like JZ Mafia or post on Toyota Soarer Group on Facebook you’ll know just how positive that feeling is when you complete a job on the car and get great feedback from your peers.  It’s all part of the thrill of modifying.  Some might not understand it – but for anyone who doesn’t?  It’s like buying a new set of shoes or a coat – the next time you go out, you’ve got to rock it!

For me this blog and more recently the vlog has inspired me to work harder on the car.  I’m trying my best to put a video up onto the YouTube channel about once a fortnight.  This means car mods and jobs getting done, getting filmed, and edited.  I love it and it’s really pushing me on with the car and make it more special in every way.  What amazes me more is people are watching the channel too, with such a small Soarer community globally it’s great to feel that the effort I’m putting in is getting used.  Now I’m not in any respect a dreamer, I know what the world of YouTube entails and the volume of views I’m getting is not in ANY respect high.  But do I care? No.  60 plus views to me is a mega win and what’s more important is any modifications or how-to videos I do will be there for eternity to support other Soarer enthusiasts.

Today’s views are as below, let’s see how they are in a few months with more videos going up and more varied content arriving as the show season arrives and we escape from the garage the winter seems to lock us in! I’d also like to add a MASSIVE THANK YOU to anyone who has subscribed and watched any of my videos.  Means a lot. šŸ™‚

So what else? Well if you haven’t watched the above videos I’ve fitted my AC controller, fitted JS performance water hoses, got a new super soft car cover for the garage, stripped out my AC pump (total weight saving of AC is now up to 20kgs), fitted a rear view camera, and finally I fitted a mini Megadrive to my headunit! A few snaps from what I’ve been upto:

So what’s coming up in 2017? Well I’ve just sent a file off to be laser cut to test out the new AC delete bracket I designed.  The design changed slightly and the final product ended up something like the image below.  I’m having 12 made up and a lot of them have already been sold at cost to support other Soarer owners.  Can’t wait to see mine installed and the manky bracket left from the AC delete disappear…  Other than that, plenty of shows will be attended: Japshow, Japfest, JDMCombe, spring Drift Matsuri.   I’ll also be taking the car on a driving weekend again and this year it’s the Yorkshire lake district and I cannot wait to get out there with a great bunch of friends and drive the wheels off the car.

As for the car?  Well it’s getting some factory side skirts, a rear valance, 540cc injectors, a piggyback ecu (on top of the Mines! lol), and a remap.  I’m hoping for 400bhp + ideally close to 450 flywheel estimated figures.  Of course all of this will be on the vlog and I cannot wait to take you all on the journey with me.

Thanks for reading, hope you’ve got a mega 2017 planned too, see you in the Soarer groups and at the shows!



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