*Can you have too much carbon???

So I’m getting a bit carbon obsessed at the moment. The long term plan is to replace the bonnet, boot and spoiler with Carbon items.  On a dark red car you say? Will it suit the style?  Well for my car the answer in my eyes is NO.  So, the plan is to fit it all, ensure it’s all bang on – then paint it.  Not just the carbon but the whole car is to be fully resprayed in the same colour – so it’s mint.

So when a spoiler comes up in the UK, I could not resist! Thanks to Matt Fountain, this beauty is now mine:

As you can see from other angles, just the spoiler alone on a red car isn’t so hot in my eyes.  It looks ok on the street and about, but long term – it doesn’t sit right. Needs more carbon fwiends….

But what about weight? Well I only considered the carbon spoiler when I took off my factory one to fix it, omg, couldn’t believe how heavy it felt.  Some horrid human decided in a car park one night to attempt to steal my bolted on spoiler, cue broken clips, them failing, and it never fitting right again.  In total you loose 1.5kgs.  Not huge amounts.  But enough to mean my boot struts have gone nuts! Good thing I changed them 3 years ago and the new ones are adjustable – so I will bleed them a bit.

Pics of weight reduction:

I for one am loving the new addition – can’t wait for more!

Thanks for reading.



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