PD09 – Bonnet Badge CAD files DOWNLOAD

3D Printed/Laser bonnet badge


So… my v8 was missing it’s bonnet badge and loathed to pay between £30 and £50 for an original when essentially I call the v8 ‘Roadkill’ after the popular YouTube show I decided to make my own.  For me with our Soarers they are two totally different cars, the v8 is all about low/noise/budget or homebrew modifications but still raising it’s standard.  The TT is like the queen, it gets only the best. So if the TT needed a new bonnet badge I’d be going out to buy a stock one.  What I’m trying to get across here is that this item by no means replaces a stock badge, it’s a great replacement if yours is lost and it looks lovely.

The images are of the first off the press so to speak, we will be ensuring they match the original size perfectly.

The badge is made by 3D Printing a backing plate, laser cutting acrylic and insetting it into the plate, then the engraving in the acrylic is then filled with paint to prevent the loss of the winged lion over time. Therefore the edges have a 3D print texture rather than the original style chrome.  Consider this a good yet alternative replacement for your broken/lost badge. 


Provoke Designs


3 thoughts on “PD09 – Bonnet Badge CAD files DOWNLOAD

  1. soti

    Hey mate, love your work, its good to see someone else sharing their work (i’ve also shared all my cads to help others!) unfortunately i dont see a link to an STL on the page and i cant get back to your dropbox to see if its in there.


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